10 Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home

Secure Your New Home

Your home security is Paramount. In most cases, people concentrate on decorating their new homes than setting up a good security system. Decorating a house is fun and enjoyable than the whole process of setting a security system at your home. But the reality is that burglars can strike us any moment that’s why it is essential to set up a proper security system at our new home before anything else. The security of our homes should be our top priority. To help you set up adequate security systems and measures, here are ten simple things you should do in the right way to secure your new home.

  1. Secure the doors

Doors are used by many burglars to get into your house in most cases. It is vital to inspect the interior of your entries to ensure the door is strong enough, and the door hinges are well protected. If your door has a small mail slot, then make sure someone can’t reach through it and open the door. To reinforce your door, it is recommended you install a deadbolt, upgrade to smart locks, add a strike plate to your door and boost your home security with a video doorbell.

Thieves like sliding doors, if you have sliding doors; it is advisable to make sure you are protected. You can decide to go old school by using window bars in the track to keep the door from being open quickly from outside. If you are at the exposure of current technology, you can add a glass break sensor and door sensors. They will alert you if your door is tampered with and scare away thieves.

  1. Lock the windows

Most entry points are windows and doors by thieves. Unfortunately, latches on windows are not so useful; sometimes they are flimsy. If you are not happy with the appearance of your window latches, you can improve the security of your home by adding locks operated levers.  Apart from that you can also make your windows are theft proof by adding window bars, reinforcing glass with window security film and planting prickly bushes under your window

  1. Light up the landscape

Light up the landscape

Lightning up your landscape will scare away vandals and burglars. Keep away all these types of criminals by lighting up well landscape. Ensure your front and backyard is well lit, along the pathways and the area around the garage and all of your outside structures should have lights. You can make your outside security lights to be effective by using motion-activated lights, putting outdoor lights on a timer and use of solar-powered lights to save energy.

  1. Don’t forget the garage

This is another area that requires attention in your New home. It is another entry point to our homes that are becoming popular with thieves. Make sure you Lock all doors of your garage, both interior and exterior. Keep your garage opener in the house to reduce the risks of access to it by thieves. To make sure your garage is secure here are tips to help you out; secure your garage with extra locks and zip ties, cover windows to hide your property inside, use home automation and upgrade to modern garage openers

  1. Set up a security system


security system for home

Make sure your new home has at least some security system. Be it a basic DIY system or those that come with home automation and professional monitors. Nowadays, we have a lot of security system options available to you. Chose the one you are comfortable with and suits your budget. While selecting this security system consider things like professional installation vs. DIY, Upfront and monthly costs, extras like carbon monoxide and smoke and smart home capabilities.

  1. Lock your home Wi-Fi network

This is another useful tip that you need to DIY. Your home network can give thieves access to financial and personal information. If you use home automation WiFi network can make your house vulnerable to a break-in. To make sure your home saves you need to use a firewall, secure your wireless router, create strong passwords, rename and hide your home network, enable WPA, and install anti-malware protection or antivirus.

  1. Eliminate hiding places

Eliminate hiding places

Shrubs, trees, and any other things that make your compound invisible give burglars places to hide. Make sure you trim down trees and flowers that can be used as hideouts by thieves. Use short bushes and small flowers in your compound instead. Reinforce windows that are close to trees or remove the trees. Always keep things locked up tight in your compound. You can achieve all these by adding security stickers and signs, locking gates, putting away ladders and tools, and leaving pricy things in the yard.

  1. Add security cameras

To make sure your new home is well protected, it is advisable to add more security cameras to your homestead.  Having home security cameras all over the place is very vital. It can help you to get justice in case of thieves break into your home. You can either get cameras that are part of the completed home security system or use home cameras that work on their own. Whichever option you chose to go by it is always recommended to use security cameras that utilize mobile app so that you can see footage in real-time. Good security cameras must have the following features: Wi-Fi capabilities, night version, motion detection, and weatherproof casing.

  1. Get a safe

Make sure your valuables are protected at all times. Have an in-home safe to protect your valuables. Install a safe that is waterproof, fire-resistant, and heavy to walk away with it.  Always select the right size of safe to put your valuables.

  1. Use home automation

If you have decided to make your home smart, then home automation will be of great help to you.  Home automation will give you remote access and control of locks, lights, smoke alarms, security cameras, and any other safety devices.

Securing your home doesn’t need to be that hectic to you. Follow these tips, and your new home will enjoy top security and all your valuables.

Things You May Not Bring to a Church or Mosque


A church or a mosque is one of the coolest places that many people visit at least once every weekend to get spiritual nourishment. In the place of worship, almost everyone is welcome, and few to no mosques or churches will discriminate against a person. It is here where everyone is welcome.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can just walk in with anything that you want. Some of these religious institutions have indicated some of the things that they expect their members to avoid bringing to the churches. These rules should also be adhered to by new members as well as first-time visitors. Therefore, to prevent getting glares from church or mosque members, you better leave the following items at home when you visit these places of worship:


You might be a police officer, or you work in the army, and you’ve decided to take a break from duty and have time to engage with God at your place of worship. You, as a result, decide to come to the church in your official attire together with other items such as guns, grenades, and many other weapons.

This is not a good idea though considering that you are going to be with peaceful people who are unlikely to cause mayhem. When you carry your gun and come dressed in your official forces uniform, you tend to create attention as many of the members will become drawn to you. Some may feel scared by the weapons that you are carrying while others are just distracted and keep thinking about you instead of listening to the preaching. On that note, it is good to leave guns together with other weapons at home when you are attending church or a mosque.


If you are a licensed gun holder and you probably feel that your life might be at risk when you are out in public, you can carry your gun to church or mosque, but do not expose it. Place it where no one will see it as you go about your worship or even leave the gun in your car.

It’s true that you can face a threat, especially if you are an influential person even inside the place of worship, but the chances of this happening are minimal. Therefore, keep weapons away from church or mosque and allow the other worshipers to go about their stuff without worrying about what is holstered on your waist.

Your mobile phone

You’ve probably heard someone’s phone ring when people are in a quiet moment in the church or mosque, especially during prayers. This is so distracting that many can barely focus on what is essential and find themselves drawn to the ringing phone. You need to spare your fellow worshippers this hectic by leaving your phone at home.

A church or mosque is considered to be a holy place where nobody should lead people away from God. By having a loudly ringing phone, you act as a detractor to many people. The best option is to leave it at home. Alternatively, you might consider switching it off while the service is in progress or put it on silent mode. This will enable you together with others to concentrate better on the service proceedings.


Young babies and toys

At times, some babies cry out so loud in the church that all people lose track of the preaching. Although it is not an entirely nice idea to leave your lovely baby at home when attending a church or mosque service, it might turn out to be the best option especially if the kid cries a lot. You can consider leaving the baby at home with a nanny or caretaker if you intend to stay in the church or mosque for an extended period. Most babies tend to get hungry within very short periods. As a result, many are highly likely to cry during the church service out of hunger, especially if it is long.

Also, for children who are old enough to start playing with toys, you shouldn’t carry the play items to the church or mosque. Instead, you need to train your kids to learn to concentrate while in the place of worship and avoid being playful during such a time.


It is undebatable that you love your pet so much that you never want it to be away from you at all times. However, you need to limit the affections when you are visiting a church or mosque. Although some of the religious denominations allow carrying of pets to the places of worship, it should be avoided at all costs. You can imagine how the service would look like if almost everyone brought their dog to the church or mosque.


It would be absolutely dramatic, and people would indeed struggle to concentrate on preaching and singing. Therefore, avoid carrying your pet to the church just in the same manner that you don’t take it when going to work. Your church or mosque ought to be granted the same respect as your place of work.

Strong Perfumes

Your day of worship is, without a doubt, special. As such, you may want to put on your best dress or suit to match the high regard that you hold towards going to the church or mosque. As part of making it more glamorous, many apply strong perfumes to make them feel outstanding. However, you might not know that by doing so, you make it hard for other worshippers to concentrate.

Strong perfumes are distractive to many people, and they are known even to cause headaches as well as allergic reactions. You shouldn’t be the one causing discomfort to other church members. Therefore, apply little perfume or avoid using it altogether while attending the church or mosque. By leaving it out, you will unknowingly spare a considerable number from the hectic of struggling to concentrate as they battle with headaches and sneezing.

In conclusion, you need to make the church or mosque service as comfortable for the fellow believers as you would want them to make it for you. In that regard, avoid any of the above distractions and allow people to concentrate on sharing the word of God in worship and prayer.