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You may have noticed that this site now has advertisements on the bottom of each page. In what seems like a strange use of reverse psychology, WordPress allows you to pay to not have ads, or be paid to have ads. With an unhealthy bourbon budget and a baby boy 22 days away, I went with the option to be paid for having ads. The ads aren’t whiskey related, so hopefully no one is offended by a Tide-to-Go Pens commercial on the bottom of the page. Because of the completely foreign translation between my content and the content of the ads, I have absolutely no expectation of revenue. Simply, I couldn’t justify paying $40 for the absence of something.

Although these ads are weird, they gave me an idea. I could use my (albeit limited) exposure to create my own ad in order to highlight a whiskey related person, place, or thing that wouldn’t normally get an ad on a whiskey website.

These ads will be 100% free and I will keep it up for at least a few weeks. It will be on every page, on the right side next to the social media stuff. If I do not have any free ad requests after that time, I will just keep it up until someone shoots me an email with their ad request. Obviously, if a company is big enough to pay for ads or has ads on other sites, they will not qualify. This is for small events, bars, new distilleries, and budding bourbon technology tools.

These ads will be things that I like, or in a sense, endorse. Nothing more, nothing less. Hopefully this will restore balance to the site.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 8.26.08 AM

Barreled Spirits iPhone App
Cost: Free
Denver, Colorado

The first RW&B free ad is for a Colorado based whiskey application called “Barreled“. Barreled is developed by Casey O’Neill, a fellow Denver whisky enthusiast that I met at a Denver Whiskey Club meeting. Barreled is a social community based on reviewing bourbon. More or less, Barreled acts like a combination of a Facebook page and reviews on Once you link your friends, their reviews will show up on your activity feed, and your reviews in theirs. 

The app is extremely easy to use, and with bourbon tasting apps, I find that simpler is better. The last thing I want to be doing while tasting through a whiskey at a bar or with friends is double-thumbing through an overly complicated review platform.

To use Barreled, you simply search for the whiskey you want to review. There will be a list of different vintages, and each whiskey will have a score which is averaged from all of the Barreled reviews. If the whiskey is a rare release, simply add the whiskey yourself and it will be added to the database once you review it.


Barreled also lists the scores and notes from Whisky Advocate and WhiskyCast, so your scores will get averaged in with scores from John Hansell and Mark Gillespie.

Pro Reviews

When you find the whiskey you are looking for, use the scale to assign a score from 0 to 5. Then, jot down some tasting notes in the text box and you are done. This lets you be as elaborate or as succinct as you please, or you can even leave the text box blank if all you want to do is remember your overall impression.

4R 1

Once you post your review, it will show up in the activity feed of your friends Barreled app. Barreled makes it extremely easy to exchange reviews with your bourbon buddies, and it gets rid of those never-ending text messages chains and Facebook PMs. If none of your friends drink whiskey, you can use Barreled as a diary of your lone wolf whiskey exploits. Either way, your notes will be stored for future reference and your input will be spread across the web for the betterment of all mankind.

Casey just released Barreled a few months ago, so Barreled is still in its infancy. Version 1.1 is available for the iPhone now, free of charge, and the Android app is coming later this month. Casey has plans to keep adding features to the app once he gets the Android app going, and the features he has planned will be awesome. I agreed not to give his plans away, but if he gets everything he has planned up and running, Barreled will become one of the coolest whiskey apps available.

The app is fun to use, but what I like best about it is that it is made by a whiskey lover in his free time. He isn’t backed by a company, he wasn’t hired by a brand. He made this app on his own time, with his own money. The fact that it is made here in Colorado is that much cooler. Oh, and did I mention it is free?

Take it away, completely random, non-targeted commercial…


2 responses to “RW&B Free Ad: Barreled Spirits App

  1. You are right. My ad is for crest whitening strips. What? The free ad is a great idea. I love that you got a DWC member up there too. Awesome stuff.


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